Twitter Changed My Life

Following the talented singer/songwriter ans musician Alicia Keys was very interesting.Reading her tweets make me feel more connected to her and her personal life. She is a very inspirational role model for young girls and even women. Her tweets are about love, life, and music. One of her tweets made on September,2,2011 really inspired me. She said “If you look in the mirror and dont like what you see, dont blame the mirror, If you look at the world and dont like what you see, dont blame the world”. I can really relate to that because we sometimes blame everyone else for the problems ahead of us, instead of trying to fix them. Another great tweet that she retweeted was “No matter who you are, what you’ve been through, or what you are going through you deserve goodness”. I absolutely agree with this because it is true. No matter where you come from or what you’ve been through you still deserve good things in life. Also, the replies that fans all over the world send her makes me feel like im not the only who who loves and appreciates Alicia Keys as a woman,singer,role model,and mother. I also love that she actually reads what people write her and responds to them. What i love most about her twitter page however, is that she asks questions to her fans. Such as ” What do you feel is missing in music”. Some artist dont even care what we, as fans think or even bother to ask. I can honestly say i didn’t dislike anything about her tweets.

      Following actress Lauren London, who appeared on movies such as “ATL”, “This Christmas”, and “Madea’s Big Happy Family” made me look at her in a new perspective. Her roles in movies are usually the snobby, stuck up, spoiled girl who cares about noone but herself. Fortunately, looking at her tweets makes me beg to differ that her attitude is actually like that. It makes me look at her as a fun, talented, down to earth woman. On September 2nd she made a tweet that said “Im on another planet, I dont know what happens on earth lol”. That is exactly how i feel at times, and to know that there is someone who actually relates to me is amazing. Normally, we think too highly of celebrities, not realizing they are regular human beings. Another tweet she wrote made me realize she has a religious side too. She tweeted ” Dont think, Pray”. This made me smile because it showed that no matter how much money or fame you have you still need a relationship with god because everyone needs prayer. She has a wonderful and inspiring page.

      Carmelo Anthony is one of the worlds best basketball players. His tweets are very informative to me. He lets all his followers know where he is going to be appearing on several occasions. He also lets them know what teams he will be playing. I personally dont care for basketball so my favorite part of his page is when he tweets life and love quotes. One quote he made that really touched me was “Good things come to those who wait…..NO….Good thongs come to those who work for it”. That is true because some people think just sitting on their butt waiting for the rainbow to come will work. This is a untrue because you have to get up and do something and be about your business. Another tweet that I liked was when he tweeted ” Just left Clark Atlanta, Showtime”. That made me smile because knowing that he actually acknowledged our school in a tweet was pretty cool. I’ve always been a big fan of Carmelo Anthony, and following his page made me love him even more.

      Twitter helps me feel more connected with my idols, and other celebrities. It is informative, educational, but also fun. You dont just get one messgae out of it you get several. Its basically whatever you wanna get out of it. Its the perfect place to share quotes, news, and also gossip. Twitter is a great social network. In my opinion, it is the best one yet.

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Alicia Keys

I feel Alicia Keys is a wonderful mother she is always talking about how much she loves her new born baby on her tweets. I also think he quotes on her page are very inspirational.

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